Update 2/14/2024

A crypto community 'Crypto Hiroba' donated to the emergency relief fund for the 2024 Noto Peninsula earthquake with XYM

Crypto Hiroba, a Japanese crypto community, donated 17,664.1 XYM to the emergency relief fund for the 2024 earthquake on the Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture, managed by NPO NEMTUS.

Announcement of the donation by Crypto Hiroba (in Japanese): https://x.com/CryptoHiroba/status/1756905969463033962?s=20
Crypto Hiroba X(Twitter)
On 1 January 2024, at around 16:10, an earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale struck the Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan, causing extensive damage. NPO NEMTUS takes this emergency situation very seriously and has started accepting donations for emergency relief to support the affected areas and people.
For this activity, Crypto Hiroba raised donation by:
  • Chat to Donate: 0.01464 ETH (approx. 36.69 USDT), the full of reward for the community owner on MetaX between 11 Jan to 11 Feb.
  • Trade to Donate: 433.215 USDT, 50% of the rebate rewards from BingX during the BingX x Crypto Hiroba trade competition between 22 Jan to 4 Feb.
After all of the above was converted to XYM, a total of 17,664.1 XYM was donated to the NEMTUS fundraising account.
The transfer transaction: https://symbol.fyi/transactions/D3D7B10E00C57582742D7F9B134AF338C0F2C46B38D31E027EB7C083C15B0870

About the donation by NEMTUS