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If you are new to blockchain, please be sure to check it out.

Do not share your mnemonic and private key with anyone.

Never give the private key or mnemonic of the wallet containing your assets to a third party, even if they ask. This is a form of transferring all access to your assets to the other party, and you risk theft.

Always keep backups of mnemonics and private keys

If lost, they cannot be reissued under any circumstances. Please be sure to keep a backup copy of your tokens, as you will lose access to your tokens permanently.

Always 'sign' the transaction before you do it.

In a blockchain, a transaction is signed when it is approved. By signing, the transaction is approved and executed. Because transactions can be sent by you or by the other party, there have been cases where a malicious third party has sent a transaction to steal your assets. Always check to make sure that the transaction is not dangerous before signing it!

For developers of blockchain-related applications

This site is dedicated to those who are just getting started with Symbol/NEM and blockchain and to disseminate various news. If you are a developer or creator and are looking for information on how to get involved, please click on the link below to access the site in more detail. Or post your questions in the community chat room.

About this Site

This site is maintained by volunteers from the community. Modification of content and addition of articles requires modification through GitHub or the portal site. The portal requires a signature from a Symbol address for login. For more information, please contact the 'Symbol/NEM Marketing Department'.

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