Update 1/15/2024

A stamp rally using the 'Machi Meguri' app from Opening Line, Inc will be held in the port town of Mochimune, Shizuoka, Japan

The Stamp Rally App "Machi Meguri" developed by Opening Line, Inc will be used in the "Sea and Port Town Stamp Rally" event (period: 15-21 Jan 2024). It aims to create a new population in the port town of Mochimune, Shizuoka Pref Japan. This project is to create a relevant population that will be used to acquire human resources for local activities.
The Stamp Rally App "Machi Meguri" uses the Symbol blockchain to collect NFT stamps and win prizes, with a view to developing features that will lead to more regional revitalisation, such as the use of local currencies and points. The Stamp Rally is a visit to collect NFTs placed at specific locations.

Other use cases of "Machi Meguri":

The Stamp Rally announced that it has been selected to receive a grant for a project to develop a model for creating and expanding a relevant population in Shizuoka Prefecture, and will be planned and operated together with CSA Travel Corporation, a member of the same digital innovation centre "SHIP" established by Shizuoka Prefecture to create a relevant population in Mochimune.
A workshop will be held during the event on 20 January 2024 to create stamp rally routes, aiming to raise awareness of the walkability of the town and encourage exploration. Three routes will be created and participants will be able to choose their favourite theme and take part.
【Theme A】:Gourmet 【Theme B】:Impressive locations 【Theme C】:Connoisseurs
All workshop participants who create a stamp rally in Mochimune will receive a "Satogaeri NFT". Satogaeri means to visit one's hometown in Japanese.
What is the Satogaeri NFT? The NFT is digital data that can be stored semi-permanently and tamper-proof using blockchain technology, and all workshop participants will receive the "Satogaeri NFT" as proof that they have worked together to solve local problems in Mochimune. The NFT has no legal function as a certificate of residence and cannot be bought or sold on the market, but it can be used to prove that "Mochimune is your second home". The NFT comes with a "sauna experience on the roof of a tuna cold store (now abandoned!) in the fishing port". The first three pairs of visitors to the NFT will be entitled to purchase tickets for the sauna experience. Enjoy this extraordinary experience, which is not normally on sale. For more information and how to take part in the Stamp Rally and workshops, please follow this link. https://machimeguri.app/mochimune

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