Update 7/29/2023

A digital stamps collecting app `Machi Meguri` from Opening Line, Inc was adopted by `Setouchi Art Jack 2023`

Setouchi Art Jack's (SAJ) "Machi Meguri: Enjoy collecting digital stamps with mobile", which will run for nine days from 9(Wed) to 17(Thu) August 2023, has adopted the digital stamp collecting app Machi Meguri from Opening Line, Inc.
The Machi Meguri is a new product from Opening Line, Inc building on the experience of FiFiC, a healthcare app that uses NEM blockchain technology, and developing it into a digital stamp collecting app.The Symbol blockchain is used for collecting stamps and exchange prizes, with a view to developing features that will lead to more community activation, such as the use of local tokens and points. The SAJ Machi Meguri uses the easy-to-use mobile app Machi Meguri to organise a tour of the various spots where artworks are exhibited in Takamatsu and Chichibugahama, and to make the city walk even more enjoyable. Users can join for free and receive rewards based on the number of stamps they collect.

About Setouchi Art Jack

A citizen-initiated participatory entertainment and art project that brings together four parties: business owners living in Kagawa Prefecture, migrants, people from the prefecture and the people who related to Kagawa Prefecture. There will be art-related participatory workshops, art exhibitions in cooperating shops and spots (Art Jack), an open call for artists (competition with prize money), exchange and relationship-building events and workcations (Chichibugahama).
SAJ2023 was selected by the Japan Tourism Agency in 2023 as part of a project to support the creation of tourism content to attract inbound tourists to local regions and increase consumption.
  • Date:9(Wed) to 17(Thu) August 2023
  • Place:Takamatsu City (Tamachi shopping arcade, Tokiwa-machi shopping arcade, Minami Shinmachi shopping arcade, etc.), Mitoyo City (Nio-cho Chichibugahama beach area)
  • Organizing:Setouchi Art Jack 2023 executive committee
  • Details of the project:Organisation of participatory workshops, exhibitions, art sales, exchanges, workcamps, etc.
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