Update 4/21/2023

NFTDrive Co., Ltd. uses Symbol Blockchain to store digital data.

NFTDrive Co., Ltd. provides a variety of services centred around the "NFTDrive", an Fully-on-chain NFT uploader that leverages the function of the Symbol blockchain and stores both tokens and digital data in a bound state on the blockchain. Fully-on-chain NFT storage technique (also known as On-chain/All-on-chain) means that the entire NFT data exists on the blockchain.
The main service, NFTDrive, is a powerful tool based on the concept of 'Making it easy for anyone to create Fully-on-chain NFTs' using patent-pending technology (application number 2021-143574).
Fully-on-chain NFT means that all NFT data resides on the blockchain. As such, Fully-on-chain NFT can also be used for archiving and data protection.Files that can be NFTised using NFTDrive include GIF, JPEG, PNG, SVG, MIDI, MP3, MP4, Text, PDF, HTML(CSS Javascript) are confirmed to work.
Data stored on the NFT by NFTDrive can be retrieved from the blockchain at any time, and as long as the blockchain exists, the data will continue to exist. It can also be embedded in a website or attached to an email.
Products and services
  • Issuing Fully-on-chain NFTs
  • Provision of a viewer for issued Fully-on-chain NFTs.
  • Provision of tools, planning and operational support services for the generative Fully-on-chain NFTs.
  • Development of dedicated wallets for NFTs transferring and exchange.
  • Blockchain technical consulting.
Please visit the URL below for more details. NFTDrive Co., Ltd. 株式会社NFTDriveが「ブロックチェーンSymbol」をデジタルデータの保存先として活用!! Symbol活用したフルオンチェーンNFTを簡単に「株式会社NFTDrive」設立