Update 3/25/2023

Using the Symbol blockchain to manage the cultivation and distribution of medical cannabis: Siam Reiwa x Gifu University.

Siam Reiwa, based in Thailand, cultivates 'medical cannabis', which has become a hot topic in recent years. Proof of origin using the Symbol blockchain is expected to help differentiate cannabis products from the illegal cultivation, illegal sale, imitation and counterfeit cannabis products that are prevalent in Thailand, as well as unscrupulous traders and farmers who may be harming the health of ordinary consumers.
It is also reported that Siam Reiwa will conduct joint industry-government-academia research with 'Gifu University, Japan' to demonstrate of traceability in agriculture areas using Symbol blockchain (Symbol/XYM) technology to solve the problem of disguised production as well.
Siam Reiwa International Co., Ltd. Siam Reiwa (2020) Co., Ltd.
Please visit the URL below for more details. 医療用大麻の栽培・流通管理で「Symbol」のブロックチェーン活用:サイアムレイワ×岐阜大学