Update 4/14/2024

Community Development Symbol Software Vol. 1

Introduction to Symbol Node RESTFul API Extension Software


A new software has been developed to extend the RESTFul API of the Symbol Blockchain Node. This software works with the existing REST API and performs the tedious data conversion that app developers usually do in advance. This allows developers to build applications more faster and more efficiently. It aims to make app development on the Symbol platform seamless and plans to extend its functionality according to the needs of developers.

Main Features

  • Get processed account information from address: Provides processed account information based on address.
  • Issue temporary secret key: Generates a temporary secret key.
  • Convert public key to address: Generates the corresponding address based on the public key.
  • Convert hex format address to base32 format: Supports address conversion between different formats.
  • Convert transaction payload to transaction json: Converts the transaction payload to JSON format.
  • Return list of live nodes: Provides a list of currently active nodes.
  • Create and return Address QR Code: Generates and provides a QR code corresponding to the address.

Expansion of Usage Image

This extended API can be built and used internally on the node, and by adding an API server on the node, it can provide services without depending on a specific individual developer. The application can be used as a Docker container or Node.js, and this software is installed on the existing Symbol Node, so the additional environment setup is minimal.
E.g., App developers can, for example, embed it in a special environment such as Google Apps Script without the need for the Symbol SDK. Through this API, they can easily implement Symbol-related operations, reduce the need to set up the Symbol-SDK environment setup in the browser environment, and also reduce the frequency of writing complex code.

Developer Information and Repository Updates

The repository of this software is published on GitHub, and the author can be followed on X. Developers can contribute to the proposal of new features or improvement of existing features through Pull Requests to the GitHub repository.
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