Update 8/14/2023

symbol-sdk v3 updated

It is reported that symbol-sdk v3 is updated and released.
Typescript support is now available in symbol-sdk v3. This allows more developers to use it in a more convenient development environment.
The previous JavaScript version of symbol-sdk v3 required some ingenuity to integrate into Typescript projects because there were no type definitions. Developers had to manually define the types or create a separate typedef file, which was a barrier to integration into existing Typescript projects.
However, with the addition of type definition files to symbol-sdk v3, it can now be used seamlessly in typescript projects. This allows developers to write more robust and secure code and manage the entire development process more effectively. They will also benefit from autocompletion and type checking, helping them to catch errors earlier and prevent bugs before they occur.
This version is launched from symbol-sdk@3.0.11. Sample scripts are provided below.
Simple transaction sample code
package symbol-sdk v3.0.11