Update 6/12/2023

'ONEPLATE', anyone can easily handle Symbol -based NFT

The Food NFT Consortium, providing 'Food NFT' service which is using Symbol blockchain technology has announced 'ONEPLATE', an original tool for easy handling of NFT, jointly developed with NFTDrive Inc.
In general, trading and holding crypto assets, NFTs off-exchange requires the use of a crypto wallet, and users must carefully manage important information such as 'private keys' themselves. This complexity is a barrier to entry for crypto assets, NFTs, but 'ONEPLATE' has removed it. 'ONEPLATE' is a simple tool which allows anyone to easily manage crypto assets, NFTs, by simply accessing a dedicated URL through a browser, from mobile phones or computers.

Functions and features of 'ONEPLATE'

  • No crypto wallet, no marketplace needed
  • Distribution by simply sharing an NFT URL via QR code or NFC
  • Easy access via a browser
  • Available for PC and mobile
  • Account creation is done by simply setting up an account name and password
  • Import account/address information
  • NFTs preview/list function
  • QR code creation for NFT sharing
  • Direct offering for exchange to other holder
  • Multi-sig support
It is reported that updates will continue to make the system easier to understand and use, and that 'ONEPLATE' will eventually be able to handle everything related to NFTs, making it a 'standard tool in the food industry' that can be used for events, marketing, sales and other purposes.
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