Update 5/29/2023

Enables secure and easy file sharing "Juggle"

"JUGGLE" , a secure file-sharing service using the Symbol blockchain developed by Opening Line, Inc. has been equipped as one of the solutions that make up "AIR-Plate", has been equipped as one of the solutions that make up Azusa institute of research. AIR-Plate is a Building Information Modelling-Facility Management system designed to improve the efficiency of decision-making and management related to the operation and maintenance of facilities.

Enables secure and easy file sharing

With the following features, JUGGLE enables secure and easy file sharing.
  • Automatic encryption of both passwords and files
  • Existing sharing tools can be used without modification
  • Accident prevention (disable sharing function)
  • Traceability (confirmation of opening and sharing)
  • Can only be opened on specific devices
While retaining the simplicity and convenience of email, blockchain technology enables secure file sharing without the worry of passwords.
JUGGLE is not only designed for file sharing, it can also be customised to work with other systems to share files securely between users. In AIR-Plate, to protect and share classified information in a securely stored database.

※patent pending 特願:2021-145814


Without being aware of crypto assets, users can use public blockchains

JUGGLE uses the "aggregate bonded transaction" feature of the Symbol blockchain when it uses the blockchain. ※Aggregate bonded transaction functionality: the ability to write multiple transactions to the blockchain simultaneously.
This feature ensures that all transaction costs incurred by JUGGLE are covered by Opening Line, Inc.
This allows JUGGLE users to use the public blockchain without holding crypto assets.
This means that companies can use public blockchains without having to worry about the accounting and tax issues of crypto assets, which can be a concern when adopting public blockchains in their business.

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Q&A with Opening Line, Inc.

-Q1. Currently, digital data sharing has become a service of great interest in the world of digital transformation and the spread of remote working. What are JUGGLE’s strengths compared to other cloud services?
Unlike other cloud-based file-sharing services, JUGGLE sharing files in encrypted form. Therefore, even if the server used by JUGGLE is hacked, the files themselves remain kept safe, making it more secure than other services.
-Q2. Through this integration with the AIR-Plate service. We assume that other companies will be interested in JUGGLE. Please tell us about any difficulties that Opening Line, Inc. encountered in integrating the system and any advantages of JUGGLE, such as its versatility and high affinity.
JUGGLE has been developed with the aim to go beyond a simple file sharing system and to integrate with other systems. Since the AIR-Plate development phase, we have been working on AIR-Plate integration, use cases and customisation. JUGGLE’s strength is that it can be customised and integrated into its own existing systems.
  -Q3. Could you please tell us how you came to choose Symbol as the blockchain technology for JUGGLE?
As we mentioned above, Symbol’s ability to aggregate multiple transactions into one, the ‘aggregate transaction’, allowing users to benefit from the public blockchain without holding crypto assets, has been an advantage in its adoption.
-Q4. We’d like to ask you about your outlook for the future?
We have received feedback from customers who have been using the service since the early days and after reviewing the service, finally we are ready to sell it widely and hope that many people will use the standard version of JUGGLE in the future. We will also be integrating JUGGLE into the services which customers use, providing a safe and secure file sharing environment for many people.