Update 6/12/2023

NFTDrive Inc. launches the next generation version of "NFTDriveEX"

NFTDrive Inc. has announced the launch of the next-generation version of its proprietary crypto asset wallet, NFTDriveEX. The company has promoted decentralisation and been involved in demonstrations of P2P transfer. The next-generation version of NFTDriveEX enables P2P NFT trading, allowing users to issue NFTs and conduct P2P transactions from their mobile. A royalty of 20% of the transaction value is automatically paid to the issuers of the NFTs when the exchange is successfully completed.
NFTDrive Inc. offers an OEM version of the Wallet, which allows companies or operators to provide NFT Wallet services under their own brand name. In addition, the use of the Symbol blockchain reduces the risk of vulnerability posed by smart contracts and enables secure, third-party-free transactions between individuals. The next generation of NFTDriveEX is expected to be available in June 2023. Key updated features of NFTDriveEX include:
  • NFT issuer function: Users can issue NFTs anytime, anywhere.
  • 3D data display support (AR function): 3D data and full-on-chain data can be displayed on AR-compatible mobiles.
  • NFT buy/sell function via QR code: by scanning the QR code, users can easily send a purchase request for an NFT.
  • Temporary wallet function (flip function): A temporary wallet experience can be shared by reading the URL from a QR code.
  • Multi-level multisig function: the multi-level multisig functionality of the Symbol blockchain allows for more secure transactions.
  • File encryption function: Encryption of NFT data can be either public or confidential.
  • Discord authentication feature - by granting Discord roles, verifying their NFT ownership status, and allowing communities to be formed.
  • Contract signing function (OEM version only): Provides an NFT-based on-chain contract signing function that allows contracts to include compensation amounts.

Q&A with NFTDrive Inc.

Q1. According to the announcement, NFTDriveEX will include many powerful features, one of which is the implementation of the NFT issuance function, which will make the wallet unique in the country. How will it differ from the existing NFTDrive?
A1. The NFT issuance functionality is now integrated into the wallet, which means that transaction fees and settlements can be paid smoothly. This makes it easier and more user-friendly than before. It also comes standard with image compression, which can reduce data volume and fees by up to 96%, even for those unfamiliar with PC operations.
Q2. Regarding the multi-Sig multi-level feature, what kind of operations will be possible in the new version? When using the multi-mig multi-Level feature, multiple accounts can be used, which would allow even more flexible routing, but how will it work in the new version?
A2. Switch from a multi-sig address to a co-signer's address with a single touch. Similarly, users can switch from a co-signatory to a multi-sig address.If the mult-isig address already has a signature, it can be signed by NFTDriveEX. For example, it is possible to switch to the multi-sig address just before sending the offer. And NFC-enabled Android mobile can also be used to export the encrypted private key. This allows the private key to be completely removed from the device and used securely.
Q3. What does Discord's NFTDriveEX authentication do? How is it different from social media authentication?
A3. For Discord authentication, firstly NFTDriveBOT is invited to the server. Then, the server administrator uses commands to register the BOT with the MOSAIC ID, quantity and the role to be granted. The user can query the BOT for a list of NFTs available on the server. Upon request, the NFT list with an authorisation URL is sent to the user via direct message. Clicking on the URL, users wallet will be activated and confirms the number of MOSAICs specified.
If there are no problems with quantity etc, enter the wallet password to authenticate. And if authentication is successful, the BOT will give you the role specified.
Q4. We've listened to some of the latest updates and asked you about the most notable features, but what are some of NFTDrive Inc.'s top features?
A4. Temporary wallet function. It allows users to experience WEB3 Wallet safely without any complicated operations.
Q5. That brings us to our final question - what is your vision for the future of NFTDriveEX?
A5. Services that were previously scattered are now centralised. By using QR codes and URLs, we want to enable true Web3 and P2P transfers that are independent of the marketplace, making this wallet the gateway to the next generation of value exchange networks.

Product release information

A new version of NFTDriveEX was released on 10 June 2023. Click [https://nftdrive-ex.net/test/] for access.

Previous NFTDriveEX migration schedule

The access address will change on 30 June 2023.
The NFTDriveEX and the new NFTDriveEX have different access addresses at the time of the announcement. The official Twitter page also warns that backups should be made by 29 June, just in case.
Until 29 June 2023 Previous NFTDriveEX address is [https://nftdrive-ex.net/] New NFTDriveEX address is [https://nftdrive-ex.net/test/]
From 30 June 2023 Previous NFTDriveEX will be closed New NFTDriveEX address will be [https://nftdrive-ex.net/]
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