Update 6/6/2023

Settler Ltd, the crypto asset portfolio service provider, now supports Symbol and NEM.

On 18 May 2023, Settler Ltd announced that its portfolio management service, the 'Settler' app, now supports the display of NFTs. At the moment only Ethereum based NFTs can be viewed, other chain based NFTs will be added later. The service provides users with the balance of assets deposited on the exchange and in each non-custodial wallet, as well as their price in Japanese yen, the percentage of each crypto asset on the exchange and blockchain in the portfolio. It also shows assets under staking or lending. Settler's vision is to "create a society where people can keep track of their assets like in a simulation game" and uses exchange APIs and users' wallet addresses to retrieve asset data and daily asset amounts. In terms of security, while the Settler app does store wallet addresses and encrypted API keys, Settler Ltd has a policy of not storing user information that is linked to individuals and takes the protection of users' personal data seriously.
Settler also supports the Symbol/NEM network. By registering addresses, the balance can be shown.
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