Update 5/8/2023

At the Technical Bookstore 14, NEMTUS will be exhibiting

The Technical Bookstore is an event where books and other publications on IT, science and other technologies are distributed and sold, and the Technical Bookstore 14 will take place from 20 May 2023.
Technical Bookstore 14 Official website
NEMTUS(特定非営利活動法人NEM技術普及推進会NEMTUS) is a non-profit organisation that aims to promote and develop NEM and Symbol technology in Japan.
The books that NEMTUS will be exhibiting at this Technical Bookstore 14 are
  1. "Quick Learning Symbol" Javascript edition
  2. "Quick Learning Symbol" C# Edition
  3. "Symbol 解体新書(An instruction manual)"
  4. "NEMTUS LT Monthly Document Collection vol.1 / vol.2".
Please take this opportunity to get acquainted with Symbol blockchain technology.
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