Update 3/13/2023

Discussion - Should there be a delegation slot cap?

This article is the result of a discussion on the Discord of Symbol / NEM Marketing because there was the following agenda item. Please note that the participants in the discussion are volunteers of a part of the community, and the consensus building is not done as a whole. Also, even if this discussion is agreed upon as a community, it is not guaranteed that it will actually be implemented.
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Should there be a delegation slot cap?


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Should there be a delegation slot cap?

Discussion results

This document is a compilation of discussions on the Symbol blockchain. Discussions include the number of nodes, concentration of delegation, maintenance of deficit nodes, and ways to reduce node operating costs. During the discussion, it was suggested that protocol-level changes should be avoided unless there is an emergency.
In this discussion, the fact that delegation is concentrated in a specific node was seen as a problem, and participants raised the idea that an upper limit for delegators should be set for each node. As a result of the discussion, the majority agreed that there should be no cap on the number of delegation slots. The reason is that by limiting the number of delegates, it is not possible to maintain node operation flexibly to future price fluctuations and Tx volume increases and decreases, and even if the number is limited, concentration on some nodes cannot be avoided, and As a network, it is currently well distributed and not unhealthy as a network. In addition, as long as it is a blockchain, it is inevitable that people with the principles of competition, public assistance, enjoyment, and all kinds of things will gather, and there was an opinion that it is necessary for people with each principle to adapt to the environment. .
There were concerns about a decrease in the number of nodes, but at the moment it has exceeded the target number of 1,000 nodes that Mr. Gimre previously stated, and it is fatal at this point in that competition will become less severe as the number of nodes decreases in the future. There was no opinion that it was a serious problem.
Therefore, there was an opinion that new support and initiatives for the desired node operators are necessary, while no changes at the protocol level are necessary this time. Specifically, technical support for node operators, regular activity reports and advertisements, and tipping by Quest are mentioned. It is not necessary for all activities to be covered by Symbol or delegation, and we hope that people with each attribute will come up with ideas and efforts, including other activities, that will lead to the solution of the problem.
More specific improvement measures are being explored through discussions. We need to continue to engage in dialogue with the community as a whole and search for a better environment.