Update 3/25/2023

Quest, a "pay-for-success" tipping platform using Symbol


Introduction to Quest.

QUEST is a "pay-for-success" tipping platform.
This platform allows you to perform real projects, tasks, and challenges as quests, just like getting quests in a role-playing game, and receive coins from your followers who support you. However, you can only earn coins when your quest is recognized as a success.
QUEST uses a crypto payment system based on the Symbol blockchain to achieve this. Since transactions are made in crypto currency, there is no need to have a bank account to receive money.

Two features of Quest

Quest has two features called "Quest" and "Offer". Here are the features.


In Quest, you set your own goals and post your progress and results to Quest in order to receive money. To learn how to create a Quest, please refer to the following link on the official homepage
Guide - Create Quest
When you create a Quest and report its progress, you will start to receive crypto currency by using Symbol as shown in the following screen. If it is a costly activity, use it to fund the activity, otherwise use it as encouragement or reward to complete the quest!
Of course, there are times when the executor of a quest fails and the task is not completed. Quest provides a voting function so that the person who performs the quest can evaluate the content of the quest and decide whether or not to make the final payment.
Upon completion of the quest, this vote will be finalized and if approved, the quest executor will receive a reward in the form of a tipping.


The offer function allows you to ask someone to do a job or task for you. Specifically, you can post an offer for a job or task on Quest, and when you receive an application from the person who responded to the offer, you will boost the offer to that person and pay him or her the reward.
To learn how to make an offer, please refer to the following link on the official website
Guide - Offers
Once you make an offer, you can recruit correspondents by specifying the budget and the number of boosts as follows.
Also, when an applicant joins the offer, you can view the list of participants and their status as follows. We will select the corresponding applicants who match the conditions and boost the offer within the budget.
When boosting, you can also specify the conditions for voting, depending on how much you trust the other party, as shown below. This allows you to clearly indicate your willingness to pay the applicant while they are working on the task!
This is an introduction to Quest's "Quest" and "Offer" features.
Let's use Quest to experience a new way of exchanging value. Quest also generates a SecretLock Transaction contract on Symbol's on-chain for each Boost. By utilizing the functionality of the blockchain, we have prepared a mechanism that allows Quest participants to securely make donations. Please refer to the following learning contents to learn how to build a contract using the blockchain.
Quick Learning Symbol