Update 4/7/2024

NEMTUS is proud to present the event "XYM-MONA Fest"

NEMTUS, a non-profit organisation for the promotion of Symbol/NEM technology, is proud to present the "XYM-MONA Fest" event. At this event, participants will have the opportunity to try out the award-winning products from the NEMTUS Hackathon2024. The developers who created the products will also be present.
According to NEMTUS, there is also a collaboration with jungjung, President of Monatka Inc., who is developing MonaDam keycards and other products in the MONA Coin community, with the goal of broad interaction with everyone in the NEMTUS community and beyond. And the NEMRUS say they would like to invite the following people to take part.
・People who see the potential in the future that is created by blockchain technology ・People who are interested in the Web3 ・People who are building or want to build blockchain-based apps

Announcement from NEMTUS