Update 3/30/2024

NFT certificates for the winners of the pickleball tournament

The NFT Next Generation Photo Gallery UMUI of Palette Link Okinawa, LLC announced that it will release the official NFT album of the first memorable pickleball tournament in Okinawa, organised by Ryukyu Pickleball. The album will be made available to the public.
[Official] UMUI - NFT Next Generation Photo Gallery announcement. https://x.com/umui_okinawa/status/1773434288161329302?s=20
The winners of Okinawa's first pickleball tournament, to be held on 31 March 2024 at Nishizaki Sogo Gymnasium (3-1 Nishizaki-cho, Itoman, Okinawa), will receive NFT certificates, UMUI pendant rings and cards.

Tournament information

The NFTs awarded to the winners, which will be uploaded at a later date to the official NFT album of Ryukyu Pickleball below.

Official NFT album of Ryukyu Pickleball: