Update 3/7/2024

How to vote for Symbol PoI Voting

How to vote for Symbol PoI Voting

Symbol PoI(Proof of Importance) voting is available within the Symbol Community web pages. It is free. However, a small amount of XYM is required to cover transaction fees. Symbol Importance Poll
PoI voting is a voting system that uses account importance. In the NEM, this could be done from the Nano Wallet, while in the Symbol, this functionality has been removed. So it was developed by volunteers to be available in Symbol. Voting requires the SSS extension on the PC and aLice on the mobile.

Setting the "Importance Poll".

From the PoI voting page, select 'GO TO CREATE PAGE'.。 Fill in the required information in each of the input fields.
Title Title of the poll. Description Polling details. Options Voting options. The number of options can be increased using 'ADD OPTION'. Date of ending Closing date for voting. Mosaic voting Set to "ON" when voting in a mosaic created for the poll instead of XYM. However, the importance is not taken into account.
When all fields are complete, press 'SUBMIT'. SSS or aLice will start and then sign if the content of the poll is correct. When the sign is complete, the 'Poll URL' will be displayed, then copy it.

How to vote

Access the copied 'Poll URL' to jump to the PoI voting page. Share it with your poll participants.
Once the voter has selected the option they wish to vote for by pressing 'SELECT', they sign their vote using either 'SSS', 'QR CODE', 'Transaction URI' or 'aLice' to create a voting transaction. If signing with "SSS" or "aLice", select each and press "CREATE TRANSACTION" to start and sign. When using "QR CODE" or "Transaction URI", use a wallet where this functionality is available, such as a desktop wallet.
To create a signature transaction with a 'QR CODE' using a desktop wallet, select 'QR CODE' and press 'CREATE TRANSACTION'. Save the generated QR code and start the desktop wallet.
Select the 'Import QR code' function in the top right corner of the desktop wallet, load the saved QR code and send the signature transaction.
To create a signature transaction using a 'Transaction URI' in the desktop wallet, select 'Transaction URI' and press 'CREATE TRANSACTION'. Copy the generated URI and start the desktop wallet.
On the Send tab, select 'Import Transaction URI', paste the copied URI and send the signature transaction.
You can check whether you were able to vote or not on the Blockchain Explorer.

Poll result

When the deadline arrives, you can check the results of the poll. Below are the results of a test vote.
It shows that both of options 1 and 2 have two votes . There are the same number of votes, but there is a huge difference in the 'votes'. This is due to the difference in the overall importance of the accounts that voted. The poll creator can choose whether the vote is based on the number of votes or the importance of the vote. As explained above, voting using a particular mosaic only gives vote counts.
These are the instructions for the Symbol PoI Voting. Please use it for polls or awareness surveys.