Update 3/7/2024

The FOOD NFT Consortium has announced "The FOOD NFT Exchange Spring Fair" !

"The FOOD NFT Exchange Spring Fair!"(14 Mar.)

Click here to go to the application page. 
NFT exchange event using the ONEPLATE web application "The FOOD NFT Exchange Spring Fair!" will be held in parallel at the Tokyo venue and online. An easy-to-use web application "ONEPLATE", which brings together everything related to NFTs in one application, is used to actually send transactions to transfer and receive NFTs.
For this event we have prepared three types of "pseudo-recipe NFTs"! Participants will be given one of the three "pseudo-recipe NFTs" as well as XYM. Please try to collect all three types of pseudo-recipe NFTs by exchanging them with other participants at the venue! Those who successfully collect all three types will receive a commemorative NFT to prove their completion.

How to participate

  1. Prepare your ONEPLATE account. ★Does not have a Symbol address. → Create a new account with ONEPLATE. ★Already have a Symbol address. → Importing addresses into ONEPLATE. ONEPLATE Account Set-up Guide. https://food-nft.io/account/
  2. Register by selecting the participating venue via Peatix. ※There is a fee for participation. ※Participation is free for members of the Food NFT Consortium. Further details will be provided separately by the Secretariat.
  3. Receive "pseudo-recipe NFTs" and XYM ※They will be sent to the address given on the application form. ※Distribution is scheduled for Tuesday 12 March.
  Please have ONEPLATE available to operate the "pseudo-recipe NFTs" on the day of the event. ONEPLATE operation will be supported. Collect all the Pseudo Recipe NFTs and receive a commemorative NFT!
This event is open to everyone. Please prepare your own ONEPLATE before participating. Participants in this event will receive a participation NFT. In addition to the Participation NFT, a commemorative NFT is also available for those who have collected all the "pseudo-recipe NFTs". This will be presented at the Exchange Fair as proof to those who have collected all the "pseudo-recipe NFTs".
The only preparation you need before participating is an ONEPLATE account - if you are new to NFT trading, we will support you with the operation. If you are experienced in trading crypto assets and NFTs, we also invite you to experience exchanging on ONEPLATE.
Overview of "The FOOD NFT Exchange Spring Fair"!
TitleThe FOOD NFT Exchange Spring Fair!
DateThursday, 14 March 2024, 17:00-18:30.
VenueTOYO INSTITUTE OF ART & DESIGN Hall of building D(2-6 Tomihisacho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo), Or online (ZOOM)
Contents"Pseudo recipe NFT" exchange via ONEPLATE . To receive a commemorative NFT, try to collect all three Pseudo Recipe NFTs.
Participation fees¥1,000 ※Participation is free for members of the Food NFT Consortium. Please select your participation format on the application page.
CapacityTokyo venue 20 people. On line 5 people
Conditions for participation・Own self-custody Symbol address. ・ONEPLATE account settings have been completed.
BenefitOne "Pseudo recipe NFT"、5XYM、Commemorative NFT for participation. ※Those who take part on the day and collect all the "Pseudo Recipe NFTs" will receive a commemorative NFT.
Points to noteParticipants will actually operate ONEPLATE during the exchange period. Prepare a device and browser with Internet access. ※GoogleChrome is recommended for the browser. ※Participants will be operating ONEPLATE themselves at this event. It may be difficult to provide support if being attending online, so please attend on-site if possible. Click here for the ONEPLATE usage guide.
For FOOD NFT Consortium members
※Please apply from the dedicated application form which will be sent separately from the secretariat.