Update 1/14/2024

Official Launch of Web App ‘ONEPLATE’ Makes Blockchain Friendly for Everyone

The Food NFT Consortium is delighted to announce the official release of ‘ONEPLATE’, a user-friendly online tool for NFTs, developed in collaboration with NFTDrive (Headquarters: Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto; CEO: Michio Nakashima).
ONEPLATE is designed to make engaging with NFTs easy, immediate, and friendly. ONEPLATE is improves the user experience related to NFTs and has been developed with a focus on ease of understanding and use, with the goal of allowing anyone to quickly and easily interact with NFTs. Explore the world of NFTs effortlessly with ONEPLATE – for anyone, anywhere, anytime can join the NFT.
ONEPLATE allows users to start using it with just a click of the URL, ensuring high accessibility across devices such as smartphones. With the ability to quickly preview NFTs and provide URLs and QR codes for easy sharing, users can not only enjoy collecting and appreciating NFTs, but also effortlessly show them to others and share their favorite NFTs. In addition, ONEPLATE facilitates transactions such as buying and selling NFTs, eliminating the need to use other services or marketplaces and consolidating NFT-related operations within ONEPLATE.
ONEPLATE has a user-friendly interface that allows users to execute P2P (Peer to Peer) transactions and take advantage of the blockchain’s properties of consensus and immediacy, without requiring specialized knowledge. Furthermore, ONEPLATE reads information directly from the blockchain, making it easily accessible to those familiar with blockchain technology. It is a tool that allows anyone to enjoy NFTs together, without any knowledge or experience gaps.

Future Prospects

ONEPLATE will be provided free of charge to Food NFT Consortium members and will be promoted to NFT projects, starting with ‘Oshinagaki NFT’. It is also useful for real communication around NFT. Whether you are distributing NFTs for the purpose of attracting customers or developing fans, projects that take advantage of the non-substitutable nature of NFTs, ONEPLATE makes it easy to obtain and check NFT, making it easy for anyone to use right now. It is a tool that provides accurate information quickly and easily, further accelerating your NFT project.
In addition, the use of multi-signature function is being considered, and it can be used as a more practical tool in business-to-business transactions, such as NFTs forming contractual relationships with multi-signatures, and it will expand the possibilities for new contractual relationships that take advantage of blockchain characteristics, such as the immediate execution of contracts through contract NFTs.
At ONEPLATE, we are committed to removing the barriers to touching NFTs, and we position ONEPLATE as a tool that will usher in an era where everyone can enjoy NFTs. We will persist in promoting ONEPLATE.


URL: https://oneplate.food-nft.io/
・For all devices. Access NFT previews go smoothly from any device by simply visiting the website using a web browser. ・One-touch to create URLs and QR codes for sharing NFTs. Easily check blockchain information, even if you don’t have a Symbol address. ・Create a new Symbol address with ONEPLATE in just 3-steps. ・Excute NFT transactions directly on ONEPLATE. No need for a marketplace. ・Supports multiple accounts. ・Supports Multi-signature (Multisig) capability. Note: exclusively available on Symbol blockchain.
*ONEPLATE is free to use, but crypto assets (XYM) are required for NFT transaction. *A prescribed fee will be charged for transactions on ONEPLATE. *ONEPLATE is only compatible with Symbol blockchain.
How to use ONEPLATE *This article is written in Japanese. https://food-nft.io/oneplate-howto/

About NFTDrive Co., Ltd.

Established in March 2023, President and Representative Director: Michio Nakashima (Organizer of Food NFT Consortium). We provide a variety of services, including the full-on-chain NFT upload tool “NFTDrive”, and continue to pioneer efforts in the use of blockchain.
ONEPLATE is developed based on the virtual currency wallet “NFTDriveEX” for NFT provided and developed by NFTDrive.
NFTDrive Co., Ltd. Establishment: March, 2023(JST) URL: https://nftdrive.net/
[Related Press Release] May 21, 2023 NFT特化型の暗号資産ウォレットである「NFTDriveEX」を発表!~国内企業によるWeb3型次世代ウォレット~ https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000003.000119487.html

Release of ‘Osinagaki NFT’ on ONEPLATE

Utilizing ONEPLATE, Kaiseki restaurant “KIRARI” (Chuo-ku, Tokyo) sells course menu items that change monthly as a full-on chain ‘Oshinagaki NFT’. We believe that Oshinagaki NFT can transform food experiences into content that can be exchanged and collected, and that by connecting individual dining experiences with NFTs, the food experience will become even richer, and the “food” provided by KIRARI will become even more fulfilling.
Kaiseki restaurant 輝KIRARI Address: 46 Kanda-Konyacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Access: 2 minutes walk from the east exit of JR Kanda Station Business hours: 17:00 – 23:00 (Last order food: 22:00, drinks: 22:30) Lunch is only available for reservations up to two days before the arrival date. Closed: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays TEL: (+81)03-3526-0710

Free trial event “ONEPLATE Gathering” will be held

To enhance your understanding and experience of ONEPLATE, we are organizing “ONEPLATE Gathering” on Friday, January 26th. The event will take place both at Shinjuku, Tokyo and online.
During the event, we will explain the functions, features, and usage scenarios of ONEPLATE, and demonstrate NFT trading. Additionally, we offer hands-on experience with ONEPLATE operation. Anyone can participate in ONEPLATE Gathering and will receive a limited edition commemorative NFT through the ONEPLATE.
“ONEPLATE Gathering” details Date: January 26, 2024 (Friday) 17:00-19:00(JST) Venue: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo (Details will be provided after registration) or Online (ZOOM) Agenda: (1) Explanation of ONEPLATE and introduction of usage scenarios (2) Demonstration: NFT transaction in ONEPLATE (3) Hands-On: Account creation, View NFT, and request purchases Attendance: Pre-registration is required. Participants will receive a commemorative NFT. Capacity: 15 people at the venue, 30 people online
[ONEPLATE Gathering entry] http://food-nft.io/oneplate_hands_on-202401/

The Food NFT Consortium Membership

The FOOD NFT Consortium is looking for members to work together on FOOD NFT. If you apply after January 2024, the annual membership fee until March 31, 2024, will be waived. Please apply as soon as possible to take advantage of our special offer. [Membership entry] https://food-nft.io/membership/
Membership Types and Annual Fee
Corporate member: 200,000 JPY (tax excluded)
  • Two individuals belonging to the company are eligible for individual membership without voting rights. For 3 or more people, 30,000 JPY per person (excluding tax)
Individual member: membership fee 50,000 JPY (tax excluded) *Individuals holding corporate memberships are eligible for the individual membership by paying the membership fee.
Executive committee members and academic members: No membership fee *Academic members do not have voting rights, but only participate in the general assembly.
For more details, please refer to the membership agreement. [Consortium Membership Agreement] https://food-nft.io/membership-agreement/

What is Food NFT?

Food NFTs are a kind of Non-Fungible Tokens that maximize the value of recording and tokenizing the “recipe data” and “taste data” which is quantified by the analytical technology of Taste & Aroma Strategic Research Institute. They also magnify the advantages of safeguarding the reproducible “recipe data” as digital assets by fully on chain in Symbol, a public blockchain.
A thorough introduction for the technology and possibilities of Food NFT was undertaken in the “1st Food NFT Seminar”, held on 23 Aug, 2022(JST). See the archive on the page below. [Archive of the 1st Food NFT Seminar] https://food-nft.io/foodnft-session-movie1/

About Food NFT Consortium

The Food NFT Consortium was established to create a “Food NFT” market. “Taste data” and “recipe data” for many attractive “tastes” that you want to eat, make, and convey are created and recorded on the blockchain to convert them into food NFTs.
Food NFT Consortium Establishment: 1st April, 2022(JST) URL: https://food-nft.io/ Business Description: “FOOD” × “NFT” Creating Food NFT market
For inquiries regarding this topic, please contact: Food NFT Consortium Secretariat (Taste and Aroma Strategy Institute Co., Ltd.) TEL. (+81)03-5542-3850 / Email info@food-nft.io Contact: UEDA(植田)

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