Update 12/30/2023

Xymposium Tokyo 2023 has taken place

The Xymposium, was held on 19 December 2023 at two venues, Tokyo Edition Toranomon and Crypto Lounge GOX.
At the Tokyo Edition Toranomon venue, to web3 and blockchain business professionals and media, as well as use cases by companies, information on Symbol/NEM was presented by The Symbol Syndicate, use cases and presentations were given by companies and developers that are developing their business using the Symbol/NEM blockchain, and presentations on the Symbol mobile node as well.
The Crypto Lounge GOX venue was held as a community event, with core team members Hatchet, NineLives, Anthony Law and kawauso participating, the session was titled Xymposium Session, talked about what the Tokyo Edition Toranomon venue, where the content was presented to attendees and time was also allocated for AMA. A company booth and a sales area for Symbol settlement goods were set up at the venue.
Both venues focused on showcasing of Symbol/NEM-based products and services by companies and individual developers. The use of the Symbol/NEM blockchain in the real world was explained in detail, with examples of social implementation use cases.

Tokyo Edition Toranomon Speakers:

Crypto Lounge GOX Speakers:

Crypto Lounge GOX company booth:

Participants who have registered for Crypto Lounge GOX have received a commemorative NFT, Mosaic ID 6AFD9EEA399C2325 in the symbol wallet they registered for pre-registration. (Loading times may vary depending on device and network as the data is read on-chain).
Image of the commemorative NFT(jpg)

open material

By Jaguar, a Symbol/NEM core developer

Catapult: A Bird’s Eye View

By NineLives, a Symbol/NEM core team member


By Health Care Gate Co., Ltd.

XYMPOSIUM 2023 Highlights: Unveiling DrugN's Recent Endeavors
  *Further information will be added as it is released by the symbol syndicate.

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NPO NEMTUS Symbol/NEM Xymposium 2023 東京 Coin Post NEMTUSがCrypto Lounge GOXとスポンサー契約を締結。ネオンサイン掲示と同時に、第1弾イベントをコミュニティメンバーと共催します。