Update 12/1/2023

NEMTUS Hackathon HACK+2024

NEMTUS, a non-profit organisation that aims to promote and develop NEM and Symbol technology in Japan, has launched the landing page for the NEMTUS Hackathon HACK+2024, which will take place from December 2023 to March 2024.
The announcement from NEMTUS Officail X(Twitter)
Under the theme "Real Impact - solving issues in the real world", across chains, to be focused on developing blockchain applications and systems that solve real societal issues and have a positive impact on people's lives, rather than mere technical experiments. HACK+2024 landing page


  • Kick-off:Sat 16 Dec 2023, 11:00-17:00. Tokyo docomo R&D OPEN LAB ODAIBA(Main) Teck Studio Kyoto(Satellite) On-line
  • Time of entry:Sat 16 Dec 2023, 00:00 - Wedy 13 Mar 2024, 23:59.
  • Hackathon development camp part 1:Sat 13 Jan 2024 - Sun 14 Jan 2024 at HashHub
  • Hackathon development camp part 2:Sat 17 Feb 2024 - Sun 18 Feb 2024 at Okutama+
  • Closing date:Wed 13 Mar 2024, 23:59.
  • Period of review and community voting:Thu 14 Mar 2024 - Thu 28 Mar 2024, 23:59.
  • Pitch event・Awards Ceremony:Sun 31 Mar 2024, 11:00-20:00. Tokyo docomo R&D OPEN LAB ODAIBA(Main) Kyoto venue under consideration(Satellite) On-line
In addition to the requirements for participating in the hackathon, the landing page explains the following
  • Entry
  • Terms of participation
  • Kick-off, registration for development camps etc. and links to register for each relevant event.


Summary page of each year's NEMTUS Hackathon

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