Update 11/25/2023

Opening Line, Inc selected for "Product development support project for realizing a safe and secure Tokyo"

Opening Line, Inc was selected for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's "Product Development Support Project for the Realization of a Safe and Secure Tokyo" in 2020. Among the 39 supported projects, the company plans to proceed with the development of external linkage functions for its file sharing software "Juggle." "Juggle" maintains the simplicity and convenience of email, but uses blockchain technology to encrypt files without having to worry about passwords, making it possible to share files safely and securely. It is also possible to customize the system to share data securely by linking with other systems.

Overview of product development support project aimed at realizing a safe and secure Tokyo

We support the development, improvement, and promotion of products and technologies with the theme of "safety and security! There is an urgent need to cope with various crises such as increasingly severe and frequent natural disasters, increasingly sophisticated and sophisticated cyber-attacks, and indiscriminate crimes and accidents that occur in various areas. In order to cope with these crises, this project aims to realize a safe and secure Tokyo and to revitalize industries by developing support measures to encourage the development, improvement, and commercialization of excellent products and technologies by small and medium-sized enterprises in Tokyo. source:Portal for realizing safety and security in Tokyo
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