Update 11/9/2023

"Next Generation NFT Photo Studio UMUI" will be exhibiting at the "Chatan Industry Festival".

An NFT Next-Generation Photo Studio UMUI, provided by PaletteLinkOkinawa, LLC, will be exhibited at the "Chatan Industry Festival" from Saturday 11th to Sunday 12th November, 2023. A demonstration of the NFT Next-Generation Photo Studio UMUI will be shown and visitors can actually see and experience it.

Chatan industrial festival details

Children can enjoy woodworking in the Town Shop and Adventure Corner, and try their hand at driving heavy machinery in Chi-Tan Land. This year, visitors can experience a ride in a fire engine or a police car. It's sure to be fun for parents and children alike. There will also be food trucks and stage events, let's see how you like it.♪ 北谷町商工会
  • Date and time: from Saturday 11th to Sunday 12th November, 2023. 10:00 to 17:00
  • Location: Chatan Park Baseball Stadium Square GoogleMap
  • Sponsor: Chatan Industrial Festival Executive Committee
  • free entrance
[Information] UMUI PaletteLinkOkinawa, LLC 北谷町商工会