Update 11/13/2023

KTV Software Inc : Reliability verification system for disaster sites using Symbol blockchain technology

The reliability verification system at disaster Sites using IPDC (IP DataCast; a generic name for broadcasting service which simultaneously distributes IP packets commonly used on the internet superimposed on broadcast waves) and Symbol Blockchain was published in "放送技術"(Broadcasting Technology), Vol. 76, Nov. by KTV Software Inc.(Kansai Television Software Inc.)
Announcement from KTV Software Inc.
The company, which develops systems for a range of companies, mainly in the broadcasting industry, explains that the system aims to use the tamper-resistance of blockchain technology and the coverage of broadcast waves, which can transmit stable information over a wide area, to ensure the reliability of information through IPDC even when communications are disrupted by disaster.
The adoption of Symbol public blockchain is explained by its security and usable verifiability features.
And also reported that in this demonstration, actual broadcast waves were not utilised and the system's efficacy was validated through theoretical testing and wired experiments.
The contents of the experiment will be exhabited at Inter BEE 2023 in November, a comprehensive media event for professionals to engage, experience, and interact with the accelerating evolution and future of media. The event will take place at the Makuhari Messe from Wednesday 15th to Friday 17th November 2023. The work will be shown at ATTRACTOR Co., Ltd.'s booth which cooperated on the demonstration experiment, throughout the exhibition.

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