Update 11/4/2023

DrugN selected for Google Cloud Web3 Startup Programme

HealthCareGate Inc, the developer of DrugN, a medication record traceability app, has announced that DrugN has been selected for the Google for Startups Programme. The HealthCareGate Inc, aims to catch up with innovative blockchain startups around the world by taking advantage of the Google for Startups Programme, which is dedicated to WEB3 technology.

What is the Google Cloud Web3 Startup Programme?

Through the Google Cloud Web3 Startup Programme, Web3 projects and startups can access to new benefits that provides users with the technology, community and resources they need. Now users can focus on their innovation, not infrastructure, as they build their decentralised applications, Web3 tools, services and more. Google Cloud Web3 Startup Programme
[Information] HealthCareGate Inc.[https://healthcaregate.co.jp/] DrugN Whitepaper[https://drugn.gitbook.io/whitepaper.drugn.life/]