Update 9/20/2023

Try developing blockchain apps! Join a study group session.

Draft 20 Sept 2023.
“Miyako de IT”, which is based in Kyoto, will hold the final chapter of the “[Episode 10] Try developing blockchain apps!” study group session series on September 16, 2023. It will be delivered in a hands-on manner by blockchain engineers, following the XEMBook's Quick learning Symbol with explanations. In the metaverse, listeners can learn about blockchain technology by following the explanations and trying it out with with generous support, and can ask questions at any time or even after the event. Those who complete the Quick learning Symbol through this study group session will receive a certificate completion token from Mr. XEMBook.

The study group session overview

  • Date and time: Saturday, September 16, 2023, 20:00~22:00
  • Contents of hands-on (10th session)
    • Environment
    • Hands-on: Chapter 13 “Veridation”
    • Q&A/BC questionnaire
  • Target audience
    • Those who have already participated in up to the 8th study session, or those who are able to self-study up to Chapter 12 of Quick learning Symbol before this session.
    • Those who interested in blockchain application development.
    • *Assumed to be programming beginners or above. (If you are at a level where you can use variables and do four calculations, be ready to have this session.)
    • *Due to the nature of the content, please attend on time if possible. * *If this is your first time using Quick learning Symbol or if you find the content difficult, we recommend that you focus on ``listening and learning.'' (If necessary, we will respond individually after the event.)
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