Update 9/16/2023

Tomatina & Potatina 2023 was held

Draft 11 Sept 2023.
At this Symbol Tomatina event, digital tomato tokens (in Symbol we call it mosaics) were issued and thrown them as blockchain transactions or played games related to this Tomatina event.
The Symbol Tomatina event began at 10:00 on 30 August 2023 with a first pitch ceremony, sending a tomato token from the initiator, XEMBook, to faunsu.
Unlike previous years, this time Tomatina had the participation of another DAO community, VeryLongAnimals, as Potatina and interacted with them. The event was promoted on X(Twitter) and Discord, and a dedicated website was set up to widen access to the event. Tomatina generated transactions by throwing tomato tokens at each other from different types of wallets and game rooms, while Potetina connected the Foteison services to X(witter) to generate transactions by throwing potatoes at each other, and was much more exciting.
This year, many tools, games and events were brought in by the community, and the X timelines were filled with posts enjoying the event, crafts and art throughout the period, adding to the excitement of the event. According to a post by 4Teeth4nt, 55824 transactions occurred on the day. Symbol chain Update: Block #2578173 to #2581050

The dedicated website

Tomatina 熱したデジタルトマトをぶつけ合おう Potatina ポテトとトマトの文化祭


今年も盛りだくさんのイベントです🍅 by 花畑🌻@hanabatake.symbol ポテトとトマトの文化祭 も楽しみです🍟🍅 by 花畑🌻@hanabatake.symbol

Tomatina square of this year

激アツのトマティーナ🍅✨ by ハインツ@hainetu.symbol

Introduction of various tools



Tomato token faucet




Other tools




トマティーナとポテティーナに向けてポマトモザイクのレジンアートを作ったよ。 by ほなねむ1.5⚓@honanem.symbol

What is Tomatina?

From 2017 to 2019, the NEM Tomatina took place for 3 years. It used a tool called "tipnem", which allowed tokens to be tipped on Twitter. The event was temporarily suspended due to changes in the Funds Settlement Act. It has been reinstated for 2021. After the revival at 2022, tomato mosaics (tokens), which have no monetary value, will be used to throw each other on the symbol network on the last Wednesday in August.

What is tomato mosaics?

Since this Tomatina started, community members have been creating their own .tomato mosaics. And now there are many different types. These are tokens that have no monetary value and therefore cannot be exchanged for fiat currency. Community find values on these kind of no monetary value tokens on throwing Symbol transactions. Generating transaction through out the Tomatina is the value. Users can check the tomatoes thrown to your account using a tool created by community volunteers.

What is potato mosaics?

Potato is the name of the point system within the community of VeryLongAnimals aka Verilon/VLA for short terms.
  • Potatoes are points given out to those who contribute to the VeryLongAnimals community.
  • If users have potatoes, they can give them away for free on Twitter (as a tip).
  • Potatoes can be exchanged for products from the official potato catalogue, purchased from potato merchants or used to pay for services.
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