Update 2024/4/7

symbol-catapult v1.0.3.7 release


Important Security Updates and Enhancements

April 7, 2024 - Symbol-catapult v1.0.3.7 has been released. This release includes upgrades to the Symbol core, new versions of tools for node operators, and enhancements to the Symbol REST API.

Symbol Core Upgrades

  • A security vulnerability related to secret_lock has been fixed.
  • Configuration parameters for rocksdb log management have been exposed.

New Versions of Tools for Node Operators

  • symbol-bootstrap v1.1.11
  • symbol-shoestrings v0.1.2

Symbol REST API Enhancements

  • Timestamp filtering functionality has been added when retrieving blocks.
  • A community-developed metal decoder has been integrated as standard.
  • mongodb has been upgraded to v6.0.14, and nodejs has been upgraded to LTS version v20.

More Information

Newly Discovered Issue with Secret Locks: https://thesymbolsyndicate.notion.site/April-2024-Secret-Locks-e3afb825d2ac4a029f88f74dfe6f02d8 Catapult Client v1.0.3.7 Release Notes: https://github.com/symbol/symbol/releases/tag/client%2Fcatapult%2Fv1.0.3.7 symbol-rest-gateway v2.4.4: https://github.com/symbol/symbol/releases/tag/rest%2Fv2.4.4 symbol-shoestring v0.1.2: https://github.com/symbol/product/releases/tag/shoestring%2Fv0.1.2 symbol-bootstrap v1.1.11: https://github.com/symbol/symbol-bootstrap/releases/tag/v1.1.11

symbol-bootstrap Upgrade Instructions

The following are community-created upgrade instructions for updating from symbol-bootstrap v1.1.10 to v1.1.11. Please use these instructions as a reference for upgrading.
# prepare and backups
cd ~/symbol-bootstrap
symbol-bootstrap stop
symbol-bootstrap decrypt --source target/addresses.yml --destination backup/addresses.yml
cp target/nodes/node/data/harvesters.dat backup/harvesters.dat
npm uninstall -g symbol-bootstrap

# bootstrap update
cd ~/symbol-bootstrap
mkdir npm && cd npm
git clone https://github.com/symbol/symbol-bootstrap
cd symbol-bootstrap
npm ci
npm install -g .

# reload bootstrap
cd ~/symbol-bootstrap
# symbol-bootstrap resetData # If mongodb does not start after restarting, execute the command below (synchronized data such as blocks will be discarded)
symbol-bootstrap start -p mainnet -a dual -c custom-preset.yml --upgrade -d

# check health
symbol-bootstrap healthCheck
Use code with caution.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the contributors, including core developers and community members, for their cooperation in the release of symbol-catapult v1.0.3.7.

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