Update 2024/3/2

Symbol Blockchain Community Launches on GitHub to Foster Open Source Development

Symbol Japan Forum, a DAO dedicated to promoting Symbol blockchain development, is pleased to announce the launch of the Symbol Blockchain Community on GitHub. This organization aims to centralize and foster the development of open-source software within the Symbol community.
The Symbol Blockchain Community GitHub organization will serve as a hub for developers to contribute to and share OSS projects related to Symbol. Additionally, a dedicated organization has been created on the npm registry for JavaScript packages. This will allow developers to easily discover and use community-developed libraries and tools.
Community-developed JavaScript packages will be accessible under the @symbol-blockchain-community/${package-name} prefix.
Github Organization: Symbol Blockchain Community
Developers are invited to join the Symbol Blockchain Community and contribute to the growth of the Symbol ecosystem.
The first release from the Symbol Blockchain Community is the expo-symbol-crypto package. This package simplifies the integration of the Symbol SDK into native applications built with Expo. It addresses the challenge of dependency resolution when using the Symbol SDK in Expo's managed React Native environment, making it easier for developers to get started.
For more information, please visit the following resources
Github Repository: expo-symbol-crypto
npm Registry: @symbol-blockchain-community/expo-symbol-crypto


For inquiries about this release or to express interest in co-managing the Github organization, please contact faunsu19000.