Update 2022. 12. 18.

Realization of full on-chain game running on NFT



A game with a new mechanism that utilizes Symbol has appeared. It is a full on-chain game that operates with NFT alone. With this technology, all the data necessary to operate the target game is stored on the blockchain, and the game will continue to exist as long as the relevant blockchain does not disappear.

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I will introduce why NFT is stored as a single game and can be played. The following tools are used in this full on-chain game.
Introduce the function and position of each tool
Symbol is his blockchain. In fact, he writes a program as NFT to run the game as NFT.

NFT Drive

It is a service that allows game developers to easily write to Symbol as his NFT, and outputs the HTML necessary for game users to display the game. In this full-on-chain game, his NFT Drive reads the game program written on Symbol, generates appropriate HTML, and returns it to the user so that the user can enjoy his NFT game in the browser. has become
If you want to know the details of how NFT Drive works, please refer to the article below.
Mechanism of full-on-chain NFT


The full-on-chain game has the following features.
  • It will not disappear semi-permanently unless the block chain itself where the program is written disappears
  • If you write as NFT, it is possible to express the owner of the game program on the system (please be sure to consult with an expert separately if legal judgment is required)
  • Can be sold on existing NFT marketplaces, etc.